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Its always a good time to invest in new side hustles.

I was looking for a way to generate some new income for when moving season dies down a little bit. I ran across this heat press on Amazon.

Everybody and their mama does t-shirts so I almost skipped over it until I noticed it’s 5 in 1 function.

This particular press not only does t-shirt sublimation but you can print on hats and coffee mugs which I particularly liked as a niche!

I think I’m going to enjoy this little project getting it all put together and making my first case of mugs. It was about time I discovered a new hobby.

I will let you know how things go…

Check out the Tusy Heat Press Machine from Amazon!

Back to School Hustle

If there is one thing I know being a 30 year old entrepreneur is that I should have started to find my entrepreneurial edge in my teens early in my college days. As a dad with 2 sons I definitely try to drill this point home with them.

“Practice makes perfect!”

– Everybody

I especially tell my oldest who is now entering into his senior year in high school, “you have to start failing now son.” Learn the lessons now!

…he said… “I got a job at Raising Canes!”

Ok! That works… you’re going to need some earned income. But, if that’s your only stream of income your whole life will revolve around paying bills and living off borrowed money. Setting you up in a never ending cycle of debt.

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Earn big money customizing merch for your college friends…

Here’s what you’ll need!

The first thing you will need to start any business is a catchy name, something that stands out and potential customers know exactly what to expect when they hear it.

After you have decided on the best name for your business you will want to visit the Secretary of State website to register your business as a legal entity in your state.

Once that is complete head over to the IRS site to get an EIN number for reporting taxes and to take advantage of other perks that come with business ownership.

Take that EIN number to your bank and open a business bank account.

Research your new business. Determine what equipment to use, the best materials for your projects, cost and most effective distribution channels.

Heat Press Machine

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