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Prepare yourself for the next race of your life

Sha’Carri Richardson! Many say… “at least she showed up!” I carry the same energy. Showing up is half the battle. Stepping up to the line knowing all eyes are on you has to be nerve wrecking in itself. Than on top of it all facing down Olympic champions!

Expectations are high!

Even a little higher when you set the bar yourself. Can you cash that check?

I was going to go in on how inspiring this young lady is. Talk about her resilience and how brave it was for her to step up to that line considering the embarrassments she went through the past month. But, I just cant bring myself to type those words.

I am no stranger to stumbling in life. Its happened several times and each time regardless of fault its up to me to rise back up, get on those starter blocks and run my race.

What I really take note of is her mindset. She never plays the blame game. She takes accountability. She understands that her destiny is in her hands and in her hands alone. She knows she is not a victim!

Sometimes when we stumble and fall we look to blame those people/things that didn’t catch our fall. We put ourselves in a cross and believe it to be someone else responsibility to take responsibility. Not Sha’Carri! She owned up to her disqualification of the Olympics. Never once blaming the Olympic committee or cursing the rules. She took her hit (no pun intended) on the chin like a champ!

Accepting responsibility is a big thing many of us struggle with. Doing so relieves us of the burden of dwelling on the past, staying stagnant and waiting for someone to come along to fix the problem. Taking responsibility for your outcomes regardless of whose fault it is releases you from the mental bondage that holds you down and keeps you from moving forward!

“What this has taught me is moving forward. No matter what it is, the situation or circumstance you cant sit and dwell.”

Sha’Carri Richardson

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