Kyrie Irving – Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn Nets

Recently NBA star Kyrie Irvin went under fire for refusing the Brooklyn Nets requirement that all players be vaccinated to continue playing.

His statement released stated that, “he wanted to give a voice to the voiceless!”

Apparently like all of us Kryie believes the enforcement of the vaccine is a bit extreme to say the least.

Front line workers that have sacrificed countless hours of study, sleepless nights and thousands of dollars to earn degrees. Not to mention the fact that in the eyes of crisis stood tall for American people saving us from the very thing that’s destroying them today!

Police officers and firefighters being forced to resign or turn in their badge for refusing to comply with vaccine mandates. When we know as a country, those same brave individuals would give up their entire existence for our lives in an instant!

This very deliberate, premeditated attack on the world population has literally ruined MILLIONS of lives. Stripped us of freedoms and dignities. Robbed us of our civility. While pitting us against one another clouding our judgement, quick to blame and point fingers towards those going against the narrative being pushed by the media.

It seems common sense and thinking for oneself has become a crime 🤔.

Kyrie Irving – Giving a voice to the voiceless!

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