Free to Choose – Not Free From Consequence

The good’ol ultimatum trick…

My way or the highway seems to be the new way of freedom in the U.S. of A. You are free to choose but the consequence of your choice could literally leave you hitchhiking down a lonely highway.

Here we go again another high profile public figure O’Shea Jackson aka Ice Cube being made an example after refusing to comply to ridiculous vaccine mandates. Just under a month after Kyrie was benched for the same reason.

These guys are being made an example out of for sure. But! Is it the example you hope for is the question 🤔?

Villain or Hero

Ice Cube drops out of comedy film leaving $9 million on the table!

It’s almost instantaneous to hear someone who turns down a vaccine called every name in the book except “free to choose”. I’ve even heard people say they would throw away years of marriage if their spouse decided not to get vaxed.

Even the media continues to vilianize those unvaxed. Saying they are the cause of the continued spread. Ignoring the fact that day after day vaxed people are having serious medical complications, turning up with covid and dying at the same rate the unvaxed are.

Choosing freedom over money looks like the ultimate sign of heroism to me!

Kyrie Irving, Ice Cube, Nicki Minaj and countless other celebs and super models have come out against taking the vaccine. What’s even more impressive! Are the thousands of normal everyday people giving up jobs and years of sacrifice to protect their right to decide what’s best for them. More notably many of these people are law enforcement, nurses and doctors.

If medical professionals are refusing the jab that ought to tell you a little something in itself.

…but back to my point…

The media proceeds to portray these people in a negative light. When in reality they are highlighting the sacrifice. Heroes understand the scrutiny that comes with non-compliance. They understand that they have to lose something for the majority to gain something. Exercising their freedom to choose most definitely is a personal one but certainly not rooted in selfishness.

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