Eliminating Popcorn Goals

I am sure you have never heard of Popcorn Goals but we all have them for sure!

I was at a business networking event last summer with a few partners I had at the time. It was a seminar gear towards clearly defining and crushing your goals. After the main speaker touched base on his keynotes he asked the audience to share some goals they have for their future.

One after one entrepreneurs stood up and share their goals. It quickly began to sound like a broken record playing in that room. Over and over the same goals were repeated…

  • I want to be my own boss
  • I want to live debt free
  • I want financial freedom and independence
  • I wish to work from the beach

As I listened to everyone speak the term “popcorn goals” popped in my head!

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What are popcorn goals?

Although all the jazz about financial freedom and independence are great goals to have, they often lack substance or originality. These are reactionary goals we recite when we are in the hot seat.

Much like popcorn…

Throw a little oil in the pan, add butter, salt, popcorn and turn up the heat a little bit, then boom you have a quick snack for movie night. When the bowl is gone though, we find ourselves back in the kitchen looking for more snacks. Cookies, brownies, chips, whatever we can get our hands to satisfy our craving for more.

Even though popcorn is a great snack for the moment it didnt fulfill us long term and you feel like there is something missing. It is…

Many of us aren’t satisfied with what we are doing or the level of success we have obtained thus far because our goals aren’t rooted in substance. We don’t know how we got to where we are or where we are going because we haven’t clearly defined what it is we want to accomplish.

Financial freedom and independence are merely results of accomplishing well thought out goals and executing the plan.

Next time you are asked about your goals make sure you have done your due diligence and define:

  • What your goals are?
  • What short-term goals you need to accomplish?
  • What long-term goals you need to accomplish?
  • What results you desire to get from accomplishing these goals?
  • Map out dates and give yourself deadlines to accomplish each goal.

It is absolutely imperative to set goals with deadlines for those goals. Without deadlines you leave the door open for procrastination with no room for holding yourself accountable. Most importantly you’ll have a system to measure your success!

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Congratulations on your journey as an entrepreneur. It is a big risk to step out on faith and take control of your own destiny. You are one of the few that DUE!


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